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Results and motivation
Posted On 08/01/2010 23:37:04 by nicolas

"God said," I want to make him go live with! "Angel did not understand God: "God ah, human happiness in the end be a good place or bad place in the suffering?" God says: "For the good, the world is their heaven, because sac femmes they cherish every day for a teeth good heart to deal with other people, they feel life is full of boundless joy; for those bad guys, the world is their hell, because they cherish every day a treacherous heart to t... Read More

a worldly air about her
Posted On 08/01/2010 23:36:52 by nicolas

So you ignore him and her angry, not long after, he her a phone, a text message, you want to fire again, and have! Wear a splint bar, you naturally buy puma shoes pull the donkey mill life, ah, who told you so unfortunately, they encountered such a person Zhuer will make use of it, to be used are also sweet Zizi's it. Tender trap, ah, that can not see the sun tomorrow, Ah Q is also the same dream,  

... Read More

girl smiled
Posted On 08/01/2010 23:36:36 by nicolas

Ten years ago this spring, a fantasy with rich children in rural guy, came to Shenzhen to look for jobs, brought the money for the nike shox for kids journey has run out, he hoped that relaxing and well-paid work is still not forthcoming, he had to sleep on the street .

One night, he huddled on the sidewalk take a nap, his image of abjection and dirty, sleeping on the streets of begg... Read More

A lifetime of looking like a stone
Posted On 08/01/2010 23:36:21 by nicolas

Say thank you to others, but not the person you say, or the mouth and kept saying thank you, but you can clearly see it, his heart simply do not understand the real meaning of the word thank you man, these two words when the wholesale jordan shoes mantra of the people. Obviously, this is not to treat you as an adult person. They just do this and that you will use to complete their wish, but never really does not express your gratitude. No... Read More

How do you do?
Posted On 08/01/2010 23:35:59 by nicolas

Zhong to write many years, and claims that pen has reached the realm of very ingenious, but the writing time to participate in local competitions, not always winning. "Since in this small city can not succeed, you'd better participate air jordan sneakers in national competitions, maybe it will be a favor." Zhong college professor said to him. "I can not even deal in a small place prize for the tournament to win, how could it?" Ah-chung to as... Read More

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